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The 3DO and me.

Enter the 3DO Way back in the early 1990s, the Sega Megadrive (or Genesis for my North American readers) and SNES were the kings. They brought unprecedented power into the homes of gamers, unless you were rich enough to own a Neo Geo. But there were rumours of a new kid on the block. Headed […]


FMV games: A potted history.

The early 1990s was an amazing time to be a gamer. Nintendo and Sega were going head-to-head with their 16bit consoles, in a “war” for the hearts and minds of teenage boys. Nintendo had their reputation for “reliability” and high production values, but Sega were “edgy” and “cool”. Sega dove headlong into new technologies, with […]


Night Trap Comparison

So, I’ve been tinkering about with this Night Trap video for ages, and I have finally finished it! It took a while to get the footage, assemble it, and make the video look like I wanted. Yes, there is an issue with the 32x footage, which I couldn’t solve, but overall, I’m pretty pleased with […]